17 Jun 2013

The Most Beautiful Chess Set We Have

There are chess sets, and then there are chess sets. This one is made in a rare material that has beauty very much on it's side. It's solid (and very heavy) Marble. The lines of the marble are natural and just look great. The set comes in a velvet case and with a heavy solid marble board included. 

This kind of black marble is difficult to source but is worth the search. The swirling polished artistry makes a chess set that is simply wonderful. No wonder that ths set has been in so much demand!


  1. This luxury compartment case has been designed to store various chess sets. Each compartment separates each of the 34 pieces preventing collision and breakage. Beautifully made and can accommodate a set up to a 4.5" King height.
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  2. Thanks for sharing this with us! It was very useful! I was wondering if you had any suggestions regarding marble chess set?