13 Feb 2012

Grandmaster Igor Smirnov


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Here is the autobiography of grandmaster Igor Smirnov.


Hi, I am Igor Smirnov, International Grandmaster and chess coach.

In this section you can read some information about me.

I started to play chess at the age 8. After a year of training, I got the 1st category and became a champion of Sevastopol (my native town) among schoolboys. I enjoyed the game and my rating increased quite quickly. At the age 13 after winning in several international tournaments, I got a title of International Master.

Then I started to play mainly in the adult tournaments and realized that it is not so simple to win. I trained hard for about 6-8 hours a day, had many coaches and read a lot of chess books. But I suddenly realized that a lot of new information didn’t make my game stronger.

The coaches offered me a lot of different training systems, but they didn’t know the answer to the simple question, “How to get progress and start to play chess better?” No one said to me: “I know exactly what to do and I can guarantee your progress”.

Since that time, I started to think about the right way of training and improving myself. That’s why I took an interest in psychology. It explains how the human’s brain works. After understanding some principles of human’s thinking process I realized why the usual way of training is so ineffective.

Combining my chess experience and psychological knowledge, I’ve started to create my own system of chess education. Then my chess results became much better I increased the rating to 2505 and at the age of 20 became an International Grandmaster. My chess educational system corroborated its effectiveness by practice!

I was very happy that after a long time of a hard work, everyday trainings and huge efforts I realized the right way of training. At that time I’ve decided to share this important knowledge and skills with other people, who want to get better in chess development. I believe it will help other people to save the years, spending on futile efforts and enjoy fast progress.

Since that time I have obtained a Master’s degree in psychology and made some more improvements in my chess educational system.

Now I’ve had a lot of successful pupils, among them: Keith MacKinnon, Robert Kent, Justin Yu, Antonio Mendonca, Christopher Wright, Josh Rofrano, Pierre Kurdy, Shk. Mohammed Al Hamed, TARRAF Tarraf, Will Clayton and many others. You can read my pupils' feedback on the web-pages of my courses: COURSES

Garry Kasparov is presenting the 1st prize to Igor Smirnov
"Kasparov's Cup-2009"

My chess career:

  • 1998 - «Independence-Cup’98» (B) - 2 place.
  • 2000 – Championship of Crimea – 1 place.
  • 2000 – International tournament турнир «Alushta-2000» - 2 place.

  • 2001 – Championship of Ukraine (juniors) - 3 place.
  • 2002 – Championship of Ukraine (juniors) - 1 place.
  • 2002 - International tournament “Sevastopol-2002” - 1 place.

  • 2002 – European Team Championship – 3 place.
  • 2003 – World youth chess Olympiad - 2 place.
  • 2003 – Team Europe championship u18 - 3 place (personal).

  • 2003 – Clubs Arabic Championship - 4 place.
  • 2004 – “2nd youth sport championship of Ukraine” - 1-2 place.
  • 2005 – Championship of Ukraine (s\f) - 1 place.

  • 2005 - «International tournament Czech-open» (J) - 1 place.
  • 2005 - «Czech-open» (juniors) - 2 place.
  • 2006 – International masters tournament “Amman-2006” - 2 place.

  • 2007 – International chess tournament «Ilichevsk-2007» - 1 place.
  • 2007 - «Memorial of E. Geller» (youth) - 1 place.
  • 2008 – “Memorial of E. Geller” – 3 place.
  • 2009 – “Kasparov’s Cup” – 1 place.

2003 – Title of International Master.
  2008 – Title of International Grandmaster.
1997-2004 – learning in the Sevastopol’s Sport School. Got the certificate of chess trainer.
 Since 2005 became a chess coach.
I am an official teacher on the ICC (internet chess club):
my profile
I am one of the most popular teachers there:
most active teachers
2009 – Got the Master’s degree in psychology.
2009-2011 – Developed the unique training video courses: COURSES

Hope you enjoyed reading his autobiography.

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