In this page, you can solve the chess puzzles for free.Solving chess puzzles is an interesting work for any chess player.So in this page, I am giving you the opportunity to solve some exclusive chess puzzles.

In "Puzzle of the day" and "Daily chess puzzles" , new puzzles are updated everyday.

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1) Puzzles

2) Chess Tempo daily chess puzzle

In Chess tempo daily chess puzzle, you can choose the difficulty level of the puzzle like - "Easy", "Medium", "Hard" and can also click "Show" to see the answer of the puzzle.Good Luck.!

Chess Database

3) Chess games daily chess puzzle

Chessgames is a popular chess website in the world.It also gives the opportunity to solve some chess puzzles daily.So I would like to give it here in this page.Below each and every puzzle, you will be shown the difficulty level whether it is easy, hard etc..Every chess puzzle is from a chess game.Hope you like this.Good luck.!

4) Chess World puzzle of the day

Chessworld.net is a popular correspondence chess game website.They also publish Puzzle of the day for their followers.So I have decided to add those puzzles in this page and make you all entertained.You should just click or tick-mark the "drag&drop" option below the puzzle and then move.You can click "I give up!" if you are unable to solve the puzzle.Good Luck!

You can also solve some puzzles in Chess Puzzle Editions in this blog and also in puzzle categories

Hope you enjoy solving these puzzles.These puzzles will be updated and you will get new puzzle on every new day.Happy puzzles.

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