16 May 2017

Learn how to analyze chess games like a PRO!

Recently we encouraged you to submit your chess games in a blog-post and informed that we’ll analyze the game(s) that gets the maximum number of ‘votes’. First, I’d like to thank everyone who took interest and submitted their games! 🙂
The winner is Narayan Joshi, who has got four ‘votes’ for his game – congratulations! I’d like to appreciate other students who had submitted their games as well, and that’s why I decided to do something special and useful for everyone.
In order to help you learn how to analyze YOUR games, I’ve prepared a FREE mini-course “How to analyze your chess games?“. In this course I’ll teach you the universal approach to analyze a chess game.

The course consists of:
1. How to analyze your games?
2. How to analyze your games? (Part-2)
3. How to analyze your games? (Part-3)
4. Conclusions
5. Practical part-1
6. Practical part-2

After the study of this free course, you’ll be able to analyze games like a PRO with the universal approach, and learn from your lost games.
how to analyze chess games
After the study of this course, please feel free to share your feedback with us – you may write your thoughts in the comments below or send an email to support@chess-teacher.com. Thanks beforehand and enjoy your learning! 🙂

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