22 May 2017

12-year old Magnus Carlsen’s amazing queen sacrifice

Attack is one of the most important and essential skills in chess. You cannot win a chess game if you cannot attack. But many chess players don’t know where to attack and how to start an attack. The right plan is required to deliver a proper and successful attack.

Even the first undisputed world chess champion, Wilhelm Steinitz, used to say that “Only the player with the initiative has the right to attack.

Today our guest coach CM Tryfon Gavriel has prepared a very instructive video lesson for you. In this video, he will show you a great game played by the 12-year old Magnus Carlsen, where the current World Champion had delivered a successful attack with an amazing Queen sacrifice.
Magnus Carlsen
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You’ll also learn about the following in this lesson:

  • Flexibility and coordination of your pieces
  • Manoeuvring
  • Importance of the space advantage
  • Power of the queen-bishop battery
  • Pawn breakthrough
  • And lots more

Author information

Tryfon Gavriel is a FIDE Candidate Master (CM) with a rating of 2170. He has over 35 years of playing actively both online and offline.
Tryfon GavrielHe won the Lloyds Under-18 national UK tournament in 1989, and was awarded with the trophy by Grandmaster and PHD Mathematician Dr John Nunn. He also played twice in the main British Chess Championship.

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Quick success in chess

20 May 2017

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In recent times many of my students had requested for me to provide them (and also you) with instructive video lessons. As some of you might know, I’ve a busy schedule and that’s why I was not able to prepare video lessons regularly for you. However, I’m doing my best to coordinate with our guest coaches and give you high quality lessons.
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facebook contest post
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16 May 2017

Learn how to analyze chess games like a PRO!

Recently we encouraged you to submit your chess games in a blog-post and informed that we’ll analyze the game(s) that gets the maximum number of ‘votes’. First, I’d like to thank everyone who took interest and submitted their games! 🙂
The winner is Narayan Joshi, who has got four ‘votes’ for his game – congratulations! I’d like to appreciate other students who had submitted their games as well, and that’s why I decided to do something special and useful for everyone.
In order to help you learn how to analyze YOUR games, I’ve prepared a FREE mini-course “How to analyze your chess games?“. In this course I’ll teach you the universal approach to analyze a chess game.

The course consists of:
1. How to analyze your games?
2. How to analyze your games? (Part-2)
3. How to analyze your games? (Part-3)
4. Conclusions
5. Practical part-1
6. Practical part-2

After the study of this free course, you’ll be able to analyze games like a PRO with the universal approach, and learn from your lost games.
how to analyze chess games
After the study of this course, please feel free to share your feedback with us – you may write your thoughts in the comments below or send an email to support@chess-teacher.com. Thanks beforehand and enjoy your learning! 🙂