9 May 2013

What to do?

It is the final position from the game I played recently. I was playing with black pieces. I had 4 pawns compensation for that knight but there is a doubled pawn in f-file. That was a disadvantage for me. It is white's turn here.

What would you do as white?
What could be the result?
Does black have any chances for win?

After making answers for the above questions, you can go ahead.

The game went like this 

1.Ng6+ Kd5 2.Nf4+ Ke5 3.Ng6+ Ked 4.Nf4+ ( both of us were having less time, so repeated for increasing time ) Kc5 5.Ne6+ Kd5 ( if white plays 6.Nd4, black wins by 6...f4+ ) 6.Nf4+ and draw.

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