28 Oct 2016

GM Igor Smirnov’s birthday – special offers

It’s my birthday today – a really special day for me, as I am in a very positive and happy mood, and filled with blessings and greetings from my family, friends and students! :) And I’ll share this happy mood with you, too – I’ve a plenty of good deeds to do on this special day.

First, I’m providing everyone with a cool gift – a huge 30% discount on all RCA products – which will be valid from today until Tuesday, 1 November (inclusive)! Just use the coupon “bday” when making your purchase. If you don’t know how to use a discount code, please see here.
GM Igor Smirnov's birthday

Second, I’ve a surprise ‘package’ for you. A few months ago, we released our course “Winning the Middlegame”, which contains very powerful and instructive lessons on pawn structures and a single system on how you should play the middlegame. Many students have enjoyed studying this course very much.

I’ve had a thought about this: I’ve decided to help those students who really want to improve their middlegame skills and learn the A-Z about this very important stage of the game; or, in other words, those who want to become a “Middlegame Expert”.
Chess Middlegame ExpertIf you’re in this category, I’ve some great news for you. :) We’ve launched the “Middlegame Expert Package” (3 in 1) that contains the following courses:

This is a great opportunity for you to become a “middlegame expert”. If you study these courses, you’ll learn everything about middlegame play: pawn structures, planning, calculation, visualization, and most importantly, winning and what not!

Both “Calculate Till Mate” and “Your Winning Plan” have received a 5/5 rating from our students who have already studied them – therefore, there is no doubt that these courses are of a very HIGH QUALITY. The actual total sum of these three courses is $327 USD, while you can get them for just $249 USD with this package – saving a really massive $78 USD!

But that’s not all – if you also use the above-mentioned 30% discount coupon “bday”, you will save a further $75 USD approximately and get this package for around $174 USD. Therefore, you make a total saving of more than $150 USD – can this be any more awesome! :)
Middlegame Expert Package

Additionally, I’d like to share with you a birthday greeting card I received from one my students, Martin.
Birthday greetingThank you very much for your good wishes, Martin! :)

Finally, I’d like to share with you a cool video that the RCA Team has prepared, wishing me a Happy Birthday, and explaining about the exciting offers we’re providing you with. You can watch the video below:

P.S. Guys, I hope you won’t miss this great opportunity to grab our courses soon with a really massive discount. Have fun and enjoy learning! :)

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