19 Jan 2013

Hou Yifan scores 1st win, Carlsen in clear lead after 6

Round 6 results

van Wely, L. - Wang, H. 1-0 
Nakamura, H. - L'Ami, E. ½-½ 
Giri, A. - Hou, Y. 0-1 
Caruana, F. - Karjakin, S. ½-½ 
Aronian, L. - Leko, P. 1-0 
Carlsen, M. - Sokolov, I. 1-0 
Harikrishna, P. - Anand, V. ½-½ 

Hou Yifan scores her 1st Tata A win. All her points so far came at the expense of the players of the host country (win vs Giri, draws vs van Wely and L'Ami). 

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