14 Mar 2013

Carlsen on the candidates tournament

Carlsen on the candidates tournament: 

Nobody would remember how well I played in Wijk-aan-Zee or London Classic, if I fail at the candidates tournament. I realize winning in London will be extremely hard. Everyone prepared for this tournament for months. However, I feel I am ready for something big. And I think I play better than anyone else right now. 

My main rival in London is Aronian. He proved his strength many times, and we should not take his recent mishaps into account. Levon considers the candidates tournament to be his last chance to get the chess crown. Kramnik also has a chance, but I feel he has already passed his peak. I do not rule out other participants as well. 

I keep preparing for the tournament constantly, and will have a two-week training session with Ian Nepomniachtchi prior to the start of the event. If I manage to win and advance to the championship match with Anand, I will have to expand my team and look for more people...


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