2 May 2012

Latest News from GM Igor Smirnov

This is the latest news received from International Grandmaster and Chess Coach Igor Smirnov.


"In this blog post, I’ll answer some QUESTIONS I received recently.
Perhaps you know that I’m developing a new course for you. It’ll be about tactics, calculation and visualization – how you can develop these skills and overwhelm your opponents with your tactical expertise.
Some people asked about the release date of my new course. I know you want to plan your budget, make sure you get it first, etc. Unfortunately, I can’t name a specific date yet. It’ll be ready in the 1st part of May.

The course is already pretty huge and I keep adding new materials. That’s why it takes so much time. However, I guarantee that you will get HIGH QUALITY stuff! :)
I know that some people will ask for discounts. :) I can answer this question in advance. No, I don’t provide special conditions for somebody just because he/she wants it. If you want to get one of my complete courses, but can’t afford it, you can join our affiliate program: LINK

Alternatively, you may try to join my team LINK"


Original post : http://gmsmirnov.com/latest-news/

Hope this news is interesting and make you excited! 
You can buy his other courses by clicking here 

Thank you!

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