4 Jun 2016

A unique chance to get GM Igor Smirnov’s premium video for FREE

First, let me remind you of the massive 30% discount we’re providing you with, to celebrate the launch of the new RCA Shop, which applies to all RCA products! :) This discount will be valid until Monday 6 June.

Note: the prices of products in the shop will automatically be reduced to the discounted price. Therefore, you need not apply any coupon – we’ve already made it easy for you with the new shop.

If you want to know about the benefits YOU will get from this new shop, you can check our previous article here.
30% discount
designSecond, we understand that it might be difficult for some of you to ‘digest’ this sudden transition – you might be experiencing some initial inconvenience caused by the need to adapt to a new shop or our website might have slowed down for some hours during the shop migration. 

That’s why, to help you go through this change and to compensate for the above-mentioned issues, we’re providing you with another special offer – you can get my premium video “How to win a won game?” forFREE:)

After watching the premium video, please write your thoughts and feedback about it in the comments below, even if you’ve studied it already – this will motivate other students to make use of this unique opportunityand to study it. :)

Note: you can get this premium video for FREE only if you download it on or before Monday, 6 June. This offer will expire after that.

P.S. How much do you like the design and the interface of the new shop? Have you written your review of the courses you’ve studied? :) Feel free to write your thoughts below.

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