2 Jun 2016

The greatest chess game everyone MUST know

Millions of chess games have been played over the history of chess. But there is only a small percentage of games that will be the most influential, most important and most instructive. And every aspiring chess player simply MUST know these few games.

Today we will talk about one of them. It was a game played by the greatest player from the U.S. (probably together with Bobby Fischer), Paul Morphy.
Paul MorphyIn this video lesson, I will not only show this game of Morphy’s but will also explain the main ideas he used in it, so that you can do the same in YOUR own games!

For instance, in this game, you will notice that Morphy did not allow his opponent to play the moves on his mind. Rather, his opponent was only able to react to Morphy’s moves. Sounds like a magic trick, doesn’t it? :)

In this lesson, you will learn about the following:
  • three main rules that Morphy followed to devastate his opponents
  • when to make a sacrifice
  • how to determine whether or not a sacrifice is worthwhile
  • evaluating a position
  • and lots more
Learn ChessAnother interesting fact is that Morphy understood these concepts and ideas 150 years ago! It is mind-blowing how he was able to do so, while many chess players of today still struggle to understand chess completely.

You can watch the video lesson below:

You can check the PGN of the game mentioned at the end of the video here.

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P.S. Did you enjoy this lesson? Please share this instructive lesson with your friends. Can you think of any other “greatest chess game(s)”? Feel free to comment below and discuss! :) 

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