28 Jun 2016

The ultimate chess guide for beginners

Learning basic chess rules will help you build a strong foundation in chess. At their beginner stages, many students do not have a clear picture of these rules. That is why I have decided to help beginners with basic chess rules.

We have prepared for you the ultimate chess guide which contains everything you will want to learn about the basic rules of chess, starting from their evolution to the different stages of the chess game.
new chess guide for beginnersThe guide contains the following:

  • 14 chapters (from evolution of the rules to stages of the game)
  • 4 slides to summarize the entire article
  • an interactive quiz
  • 4 bonus lessons

You can get “Chess Rules – The Ultimate Guide for Beginners” by clicking the link below:
chess rules for beginners

If you enjoy studying the guide, please write your thoughts about it in the comments below – we would be very happy to know your opinion.

P.S. We’ve also created a webpage that contains this complete guide. You may visit that page by clicking here. If you would like to share this information with your friends, please go ahead and do so. :)

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