31 Aug 2016

Chess Crossword Contest

Today, I have some unexpected and amazing news. My wife, Alyona, has prepared a ‘chess surprise’ for you. :) This is a chess crossword! While solving it, you will reinforce your knowledge of chess terms, and hopefully will have fun along the way.
Chess CrosswordTo make it more entertaining, we’ve decided to create a contest with this crossword puzzle – hence, the “RCA Crossword Contest” begins TODAY! :)

Contest details

  • The contest will run from today (31 August) till Thursday, 8 September.
  • The LASTEST DATE for you to send in the answers (solving the crossword puzzle) will be 8 Sept.

How to participate?

You should download the following files to participate in the contest:

  • “Questions” (Word file) – this file contains the questions for the crossword puzzle: DOWNLOAD
  • “Crossword” (Excel file) – this file contains the blank crossword where you have to write the answers/words: DOWNLOAD
  • After solving the crossword (by writing your answers in the empty boxes in the “Crossword” Excel file), you should send the “Crossword” file to us at support@chess-teacher.com with the e-mail subject “RCA Crossword”.

Crossword Puzzle
Note: some of the boxes in the crossword will have two numbers (both horizontal and vertical). In that case, the first number’s answer should be horizontal and the next number’s answer should be vertical.

For example, as seen in this image, a box has two numbers. Therefore, the answer to the first number, “1″, will be horizontal and the answer to “3″ will be vertical.

We have created a FAQ section for this crossword contest. If you have any doubts, you’re very welcome to check the FAQ section here or contact our Support team here.

How will the winners be chosen?

The winners will be chosen on a “first come, first served” basis. The first 50 participants who send their answers to us will be the winners.
Top 50Note: we can be a bit ‘flexible’ – a participant is allowed to make a maximum of two mistakes ONLY (i.e. two wrong words in the crossword). :) If there are more than two mistakes, you probably won’t have a chance to become a winner.


And here comes the special part – prizes for the winners! Below are the prize details for the winners (the first 50 participants to solve the crossword correctly):

  • 1st place – an RCA paid course for FREE + a FREE premium video of your choice
  • 2nd and 3rd place – an RCA paid course for FREE
  • 11th to 15th place – 45 USD voucher on any product
  • 16th to 20th place – 40 USD voucher on any product
  • 21st to 25th place – 35 USD voucher on any product
  • 26th to 30th place – 30 USD voucher on any product
  • 31st to 35th place – 25 USD voucher on any product
  • 36th to 50th place – 20 USD voucher on any product

Note: I’ve planned to treat all participants nicely. After all, winning is not everything, but participation matters! So I will offer something cool to all participants at the end of the competition. Therefore, stay tuned! :)

Will you be able to solve the whole crossword properly? Are you ready to accept our challenge? :) I wish you all the best!
Igor Smirnov
P.S. In the above picture, my wife and I look like Bollywood movie actors. At least, my Indian friends say so … I’m not so sure – maybe they just want to play a trick on a Grandmaster. :)

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