18 Aug 2016

What exactly should you do in the middlegame?

 GM Smirnov's Recipe

Now, let me ask you a question: what EXACTLY should you do in the middlegame?

Well, in the opening stage, it’s pretty simple – you choose the right opening for you, memorize the opening variations and just play them. Later, you reach a complex middlegame position with plenty of possibilities and have this big question in front of your eyes: what am I to do next?
what next
Suggestion: if you don’t know the best chess openings or how to pick one for yourself, learn from our lesson here.

If we think about this deeply, it’s not that you don’t know what to do. You might remember many rules and ideas on chess; that’s why, in a practical game, you have a hard time choosing what EXACTLY to do in the middlegame?

Let me give you a practical example. :)
middlegame chess
White to play

Imagine you are playing with the White pieces in the above position. The opening stage is just finished now and this is a typical middlegame position. How would you proceed?

Should White place his bishop(s) on a better diagonal? Should he manoeuvre the e2-knight with Ng3-Nf5? Can White bring his rooks to the open file? If so, which one – the c-file or e-file?

That’s a lot of possibilities, right? So, how to figure out the best one? That’s why I’ve prepared a lesson where I’ll provide you with one simple yet very powerful and must-know rule about middlegame plans. :) I’ll also share with you the complete middlegame play system.

Watch the video lesson below:

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