11 Nov 2016

7 years of Remote Chess Academy!

Today, 7 November, is the 7th anniversary of the Remote Chess Academy (RCA). We take this moment to thank all our students (YOU) who made this possible! :)  We could not have done this if it was not for you.
GM Igor Smirnov Remote Chess AcademyTherefore, in this article, we’ll share you with some great moments of RCA, what we’ve been through, and most importantly, our students’ (your) growth and success. Below, you can find the journey of RCA, in short:

Success of RCA students

  • How studying my course helped win a game against a Grandmaster – LINK
  • How the course “GM’s Opening Lab” helped win a game against a FM – LINK
  • How an RCA Student improved his strategic and planning skills – LINK  
  • How attending one of my webinars helped a student win an important round in an important tournament – LINK
  • And several other testimonials that you can find here (or write in the comments below if you haven’t shared them yet).

What students say about me/RCA

Below you can find some interesting feedback/messages from our students in chess forums and social media:
chess forum GM Igor Smirnov
In a chess forum

Did I get ‘confused’ with king and queen?!

One of the students posted in a chess forum, the following message:
GM Igor Smirnov funny chessWell, I don’t exactly remember or completely understand what he was talking about. Maybe, it was in a video lesson where I, by mistake, might have misspelled it as king instead of queen (or the other way round). :) I’m sorry if that’s what it is.

Or maybe, it’s because of my ‘unique’ accent (as some people say) that the student might have misunderstood what I said.

Funny chess memes of RCA

If you’ve “Liked” our Facebook page, then you would receive some interesting content like chess news, interesting games and puzzles, interviews with top players, discussions, surprising chess facts, funny images or chess memes.

Below you can find some of the funniest chess memes of RCA Facebook page:
Remote Chess Academy memes funny Vishy AnandNote: in the above picture, it’s not the actual game, they were just analyzing it. But wasn’t the meme funny? :)

Suggested: you may like to see how Korchnoi ‘escaped’ from the touch-move rule here.
Remote Chess Academy memes funny Vishy Anand
Have you ever been like this in boring math classes?

Remote Chess Academy memes funny Fabiano Caruana
Not all players know to use this powerful ‘tactic’! :)
Remote Chess Academy memes funny
Ever had this experience in restaurants?

Don’t forget to “Like” our Facebook page if you want to receive such memes and interesting chess content!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Finally, if you have something to say about RCA or about me, please feel free to write them in the comments below. Thank you, once again! :)

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