27 Nov 2016

How the World reacted to Karjakin’s victory over Carlsen (Game-8)?

The 26-year-old challenger from Russia, Sergey Karjakin, draws everyone’s attention after defeating the World Champion Magnus Carlsen in the eighth game of the World Chess Championship 2016, in New York.

Magnus wanted to score a win too badly that he had to take chances with White pieces. The players were in time trouble at critical positions (between moves 30 to 45), and Carlsen’s blunder helped Karjakin take the driver seat.

Suggestion: You may like to see the video analysis of Game-8 by FM Marko Makaj here.

Today I’ll share with you the reactions of other top GMs for the result of Game-8, along with some interesting and ‘funny’ photos.
Carlsen vs Karjakin Game-8
That’s how moves 35-37 looked like….

Carlsen vs Karjakin pressure
“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown….”

Carlsen resigns vs Karjakin
I think that’s how Carlsen’s fans would have reacted..

Carlsen leaves press conferenceMagnus Carlsen was really frustrated after Game-8 that he didn’t attend the press conference! First, he skipped the individual interviews immediately after the game, and then while he sat waiting for his opponent at the press conference, with hundreds of fans and photographers focused on him, he cracked.

There could be potential consequences for the World Champion for not appearing at the press conference. The following tweet explains it in a better way:
Carlsen leaves press conferenceBut this is probably not what will be on the top of Carlsen’s head, as he would be focusing on making a comeback.

The tweets of Nakamura, Howell, Giri and Short says it all!
Carlsen vs Karjakin tweetsMoreover, one of the most interesting things is that 7-year old Sergey Karjakin said he´ll become World Champion. He said that in one of the Russian interviews. You can watch the clip on our RCA Facebook page by clicking the image below:
Sergey Karjakin kid 7-years oldNow, he´s got the chance! Can he make it? :)

Finally, in the press conference, a kid asked “How many games do you play a day to practise?”. And guess what Karjakin replied!
Sergey Karjakin press conference
“At this tournament, one.”

He also met with a question about winning with Black, and he said “It’s much better to play well than to play White!

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P.S. What are your thoughts after Game-8? Do you think Magnus can make a comeback and level the score? Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments below. :)
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