27 Nov 2016

Improve your middlegame and comprehensive knowledge in chess

The World Chess Championship 2016 between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin is really a spectacle, as we have witnessed some amazing games where the players have shown off their great army of skills.

For instance, we’ve seen some impressive defending skills of Karjakin in games three and four; while in several other games, the players had to work very hard, use their positional understanding of the game to gain an advantage and then to convert that advantage into a win.
Magnus Carlsen vs Sergey KarjakinThe opening preparation was about equal for them and the usual brilliant endgame technique by Carlsen has not been displayed. In the first decisive moment of the match, Game-8, Carlsen pushed too hard by making both strategical and tactical concessions.

While in the second decisive game, Game-10, Karjakin failed to calculate well at a critical point, where he could have practically forced a repetition with the tactical idea of playing Nxf2+.

So we can see that these skills are very, very important (and necessary) for a chess player to play at GM level, or to become a World Champion – after all, that’s ultimately what these two are fighting for! :)

Therefore, I’d like to help you enrich your chess knowledge and skills to become a strong player. That’s why I’m going to provide you with a really massive 40% discount on the Comprehensive courses and Middlegame courses of RCA, in honour of the World Championship Match!
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P.S. We’ve one more game left in the World Championship match. The score is 5.5-5.5 after eleven games. You can check our blog page for complete analysis of all the games.

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